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          Faith Family Future seal only
          faith.family。未来! 对于bbin体育app官网下载50周年的资本运动


          The LaReine 科学 & Innovation Center  at bbin体育app官网下载

          Video of the La Reine 科学 & Innovation Center Groundbreaking Ceremony


          The La Reine 科学 & Innovation Center will enable bbin体育app官网下载 to serve as an important resource and pipeline for underrepresented populations in STEM fields; including women, minorities and students at or below the poverty line through a new program of scholarship and financial aid support.


          Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the La Reine 科学 & Innovation Center will enable students and faculty to experiment and create in open work areas and “makerspaces.” Flexible classrooms will promote teamwork and active learning. Welcoming common areas will extend the collaborative environment to the broader community of learners. The result will be a facility that offers unprecedented opportunities for students to explore, create, imagine and discover.

          The La Reine 科学 & Innovation Center will be a game changer, not only for Bishop McNamara students, but for the Prince George’s County community as a whole. We know that STEM education is critical to ensuring our young people can compete professionally after high school.

          -prince George县行政安吉拉alsobrooks

          Faith .Family.Future! Thermometer of Fundraising


          Thank you to The A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation for their generous $1,000,000 donation

          博士。 barnhardt说谢谢克拉克基金会

          该faith.family。未来! 资本运动

          The La Reine 科学 & Innovation Center   ♦  $11.5 Million

          The La Reine 科学 & Innovation Center will develop tomorrow’s innovators and entrepreneurs by building on highly-successful science, engineering, robotics and entrepreneurship programs and providing robust training in and exploration of cutting-edge technologies.


          奖学金♦$ 1百万



          Three BMHS students are creating insect repellent soap in Chemistry lab

          Campus Improvement & Modernization, and Creating the Legacy Courtyard  ♦  $2.5 Million

          Legacy Courtyard side gate




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